Active Projects

  1. EPAnet
    Network of the Heads of Environment Protection Agencies
  2. AoA
    Europe's Environment Assessment of Assessments
    Promoting SEIS principles with European Neighbouring Countries
  4. InSEIS
    Increased collaboration with EEA and further implementation of SEIS in five ENP countries
  5. FLIS
    Project presentation site

Partnerships Beyond EIONET - PBE

A next step of project support following EnviroWindows

For more than 15 years EnviroWindows served as a supporting service for low budget projects and new, innovative initiatives in the environmental domain. The service was successfully operated and some pioneering projects started from here.

One impressive example is DestiNet which took its first steps under the umbrella of EnviroWindows in 2002 as a Type-II partnership after the Johannesburg World Summit – it is now a well-established networking portal and partnership for sustainable development.

Reflecting the technical developments and low price availability of IT infrastructure for projects, the EEA is now revising its approaches in this domain. EnviroWindows will now be merged with the new Beyond-Eionet platform and cease to exist as a separate domain. The provision of IT infrastructure as a service is no longer a critical element to start a new project or initiative. In this sense EnviroWindows has successfully fulfilled his role. However, it is now time for change taking intoaccount resource efficiency and cost-benefit considerations.

We thank all our partners for the innovative, open and fruitful cooperation across a number of environmental themes. This has been mutually-benefitial for all involed profiting a lot from the exchange of ideas from all contributors. Closing the technical service of our hosting platform does not mean that EEA stays out of cooperation – instead it is refocusing its efforts and concentrating on thematic input and exchange where and whenever it is possible.

The new platform Projects Beyond Eionet will concentrate on projects where EEA has a leading role and the geographical focus is beyond our core network of EIONET. In this context it complements the Eionet Forum and EEA website as technical platform and infrastructure to facilitate cooperation, networking and sharing of information.

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